HackerU is the World’s Premier Provider of Digital Skill and Cybersecurity Education, Partnering With Top-Tier Academic Institutions, Enterprises, and Governments to Train the Digital Workforce.

Partner With HackerU

Partner With HackerU

Enhanced Academic Suite

HackerU, in response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), has seamlessly transformed its in-person, on-campus classes, trainings, and services to be conducted in synchronous, virtual classroom environments until such time that health officials and individual university partners deem it safe to return to the physical classroom.

We've applied the best practices from our top-tier classroom methodologies and enhanced our online offering to include:

Synchronous, Virtual

Online Q&A Sessions
with Instructors

Live, Hands-On Practice Labs

A Library of Recorded
Classroom Sessions

Advanced, Remote Education Technologies

Extended, Virtual
Office Hours

The Digital Skill Workforce Gap

The US is facing a massive deficit of qualified digital technology candidates.

By 2022


75 million will be displaced

133 million new, digital roles will emerge
47% of jobs are at risk of being automated
Machines  will perform 61% of administrative tasks
No less than 54% of people will need to reskill or upskill

HackerU’s Continuing Education Programs

HackerU has over a decade of experience providing premier, digital skills and cyber security technology education programs. By partnering with HackerU, universities provide students with immersive, hands-on digital technology curricula, preparing them for lifelong digital careers.

Customized Curricula

We work with you to build course curricula based on your institution’s unique pedagogical philosophy. Our programs are periodically reviewed to include the latest technologies and methodologies from the digital and Cyber Security industries. The curricula is designed to support a range of students, from the novice level to seasoned professionals, and anyone aspiring to upskill to a career in the technology industry.

Industry-expert Instructors

Our focus is on practicum as well as theory. As a valued HackerU partner, your students will be instructed by leading digital technology and Cyber Security professionals that hold proven track records in their respective fields. They will benefit by being guided by veteran Israeli digital education experts throughout the duration of the program.

Simulation Labs

HackerU’s courses are crafted specifically to meet the demands of today’s job market. This is why the programs we build for Continuing Education departments integrate intensive simulation labs into your curriculum, ensuring your students are prepared to take numerous industry-recognized certification exams after graduating from the program.

Introductory Course

HackerU offers a unique approach to continuing education by offering a 30-hour Introductory Course, allowing students to make sure they are on the right track for their career. Instructors and advisors assess student aptitude to ensure a quality match between students and programs, maximizing the potential for successful retention, career services, and job placement rates.

Grant Your Students the Digital Skill Sets That Lead to Lifelong Careers

Industry Partners and Clients

Thousands of professionals around the world depend on our comprehensive digital skills and cyber security training programs, tailored to today's digital climate and job market. Leading enterprises rely on us to connect them with our partners in Continuing Education as their top source of quality, trained professionals in the field.


University Partners

Career-Oriented Continuing Education Digital Technology Training Programs

We offer a comprehensive suite of professional, relevant programs specially crafted for Continuing Education institutions and tailored to today’s job market.

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