The Craziest Cyber Attacks of 2017

Three of the craziest cyberattacks of 2017 that everyone’s been talking about You might think a cyberattack that affects millions of people is the worst-case cybersecurity scenario for many organizations. However, as a few of the most notable cyber incidents of 2017 have taught us, you would be wrong. Because while an attack in which

How to Keep the World Safe from Future Cyber Threats

Grave new world: three potentially terrible future scenarios for cybersecurity When it comes to the future of the internet and our society there are plenty of reasons to be positive. We’re becoming increasingly connected with people all over the world, innovations are coming faster than ever, small businesses and start-ups are booming, the average person

White Hat Hacking, and Why the Good Guys Can Still Win

White hat hacking, gray areas, and a misunderstood approach to cybersecurity Make no mistake about it: there is an ongoing battle between the good guys and the bad guys when it comes to internet security, and the good guys are losing. They’re losing to the tune of 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, $5 billion in

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