Cyber Security

U.S. Cyber Security: Chasing the Moving Target

Big targets and bigger threats: the government’s cybersecurity On May 11, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at improving the United States’ cybersecurity, furthering his promise to keep America safe, “even in cyberspace,” as homeland security adviser Tom Bossert put it. The government’s cybersecurity has to protect a lot more than cyberspace, however.

Cybersecurity Today – 2017 Trends and a Look Ahead

A look back at 2017’s cybersecurity trends and a look ahead to 2018 There’s a reason so many New Year’s Eve parties involve free-flowing champagne and other buckets of booze, and that’s because looking back at a year gone by can be an un-fun thing, and looking ahead to the next one can be equally

The Craziest Cyber Attacks of 2017

Three of the craziest cyberattacks of 2017 that everyone’s been talking about You might think a cyberattack that affects millions of people is the worst-case cybersecurity scenario for many organizations. However, as a few of the most notable cyber incidents of 2017 have taught us, you would be wrong. Because while an attack in which

How to Keep the World Safe from Future Cyber Threats

Grave new world: three potentially terrible future scenarios for cybersecurity When it comes to the future of the internet and our society there are plenty of reasons to be positive. We’re becoming increasingly connected with people all over the world, innovations are coming faster than ever, small businesses and start-ups are booming, the average person

White Hat Hacking, and Why the Good Guys Can Still Win

White hat hacking, gray areas, and a misunderstood approach to cybersecurity Make no mistake about it: there is an ongoing battle between the good guys and the bad guys when it comes to internet security, and the good guys are losing. They’re losing to the tune of 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, $5 billion in

Cyberattacks 2017: Has the Carnage Ended?

Five of the worst cybersecurity disasters of 2017…so far Until the ball drops, the fat lady sings and resolutions officially begin it isn’t actually possible to compile a list of the worst cybersecurity mishaps of 2017. With the way this year has gone, as long as there is more than one literal minute left in

Cyber Security: Being ‘Smart’ With the Internet of Things

You might just be part of the problem: the cybersecurity risks of a connected home For the past few years we’ve all been watching governments and businesses publicly grapple with tremendous cybersecurity issues. From devastating data breaches to record-breaking DDoS attacks, ransomware payouts, malware injections and exploited vulnerabilities that should’ve been patched years ago, there

The Equifax Attack: Why We’re Now in the Cyber Danger Zone

  It’s Big, Bad, and Ugly It’s happening again. Equifax, the credit rating agency giant for private and corporate entities, was breached, and sensitive information of half of US citizens – 143 million Americans – was exposed. The company waited two months to report the breach, which actually occurred in May. In 2014, a break-in

Black hat hacking: crime, punishment, and turning it all around

In its relatively short life, the internet has racked up a long list of accomplishments, and while it’s impossible to say which is actually the most significant, it would be hard to argue against the notion that the internet has made life easier. It’s easier to communicate, easier to bank, easier to shop, easier to

5 Myths About the Cyber Sec World

Throughout history, humanity has made assumptions in whose validity people had been confident, but later discovered were false. Until Galileo, everyone thought the world was flat and had no reason to think otherwise. Most of us don’t even suspect that our own assumptions may be flawed and take their truth value for granted. Every information

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