The Future Of Professional Education

Techniques That Support Active Learning

HackerU Techniques That Support Active Learning

Active learning creates meaningful learning. While information delivery (lecture, reading, watching) is necessary to add information to the learner’s knowledge base, it’s not enough to create durable understanding and skills.

Manage Like a Teacher

HackerU Manage Like a Teacher

There are major parallels in the ways teachers and managers build a strong and safe working environment, generate meaningful and impactful outcomes, and create opportunities for transformative learning.

HackerU Educational Principles

HackerU Educational Principles

This video encapsulates our educational philosophy and our ideal classroom application. The quality of our application of these educational principles is a key contributor to our success.

What Is the Future of Professional Education?

We’ve seen time and again that our learners (regardless of nationality, race, status, experience, employment history, or anything else) are capable of growth and change that they never thought possible.

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