HackerU Educational Principles

HackerU Educational Principles

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Learning is active  |  Learning is scaffolded  |  Learning is measurable  |  Learning is intentional

HackerU’s success depends on the success and satisfaction of our students. This ultimately comes down to how well our students can learn and apply what we teach them, and how well we prepare them to get jobs. 

But how do we know our students will be able to learn and apply what we teach them? And how can we feel confident that we’re adequately preparing them for jobs? 

The field of education has come a long way in the last 50 years. It has incorporated advances in educational research, psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science. While we may never know precisely how the brain works, we do know that some practices improve learning while others detract from it. We must strive to achieve those positive practices in the classroom to create the most meaningful and effective learning experience possible.

This video provides some of that research in the field of education, as well as the ways it can be applied to improve learning. In other words, it encapsulates our educational philosophy and our ideal classroom application. The quality of our application of these educational principles is a key contributor to our success. 

The HackerU Educational Principles are:

1- Learning is ACTIVE: students must engage with concepts in order to understand them.

2- Learning is SCAFFOLDED: just as you would create a support structure to build higher floors on a building, you have to find ways to support new learning by building on existing knowledge.

3- Learning is MEASURABLE: you must check your students’ understanding constantly to determine whether they’ve met your learning goals.

4- Learning is INTENTIONAL: great education doesn’t happen by accident. We must intentionally incorporate theories of learning and classroom best practices to create the best possible learning experiences for our students.

Whether you already teach in a HackerU-powered program, aspire to do so, or can apply these to your own work in some other way, we hope you’ll find these useful. 


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