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Meet Noelle Silver: Head of Instruction for Full-Stack Development + Data Science and Analytics

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While HackerU has always valued an evolved leadership approach, Head of Instruction for Data Science and Analytics and Full-Stack Development, Noelle Silver, has redefined what it means to promote Mindful Leadership in the digital age. Noelle Silver brings with her over 20 years of experience spearheading human-centric initiatives in data science and artificial intelligence. Before joining HackerU, Noelle worked at IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and NPR, building diverse teams of professionals from around the world.

Self Starter

Introduced to technology very early in life, Noelle grew up reading Time Life and science fiction book series’ with her father. Seeing things through the eyes of the golden age of science fiction changed her perspective on the world around her. When she began working towards a career, Noelle committed to teaching herself everything she needed to know to make an impact in the growing field of technology.

Betting on herself transformed Noelle’s life in a matter of years. Supported by her father and guided by her determination to grow as a technologist, Noelle Silver practiced coding and data analysis before finally securing her first position in technology at the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing. In this role, Noelle began to envision a larger mission for herself and the industry as a whole.

Courage to Connect

Both virtually and in-person, Noelle Silver’s genuine passion for her work and the impact she aims to make on our world radiates through every medium. Her vibrant personality is contagious. She has inspired many through direct leadership, speaking at public events, and writing articles on management and technology in her professional career. Noelle promotes sincere, meaningful conversation with wisdom and unparalleled optimism. 

While Noelle’s intellectual achievements warrant significant admiration, it’s her compassion for people, technology, and the symbiotic nature of the two that truly places her in a lane all her own. As the founder of the AI Leadership Institute and Women in AI, Noelle has a knack for redefining her impact as often as she can. Taking the time to reflect on her professional experiences over the last two decades, Noelle identified the energy and resources she needed to promote innovation, diversity, and empathy in her career. Her unique connections with individuals of all backgrounds and experiences inspired her to join a team building a revolutionary education model focusing on digital technology and cybersecurity.

Joining HackerU

Since assuming her role in May of this year, Noelle’s commitment to HackerU’s mission has already significantly impacted our company culture and the success of our university partners’ learners. Her self-taught background, paired with her can-do attitude, has instilled confidence in HackerU team members striving to partner with leading universities around the country.

HackerU is incredibly fortunate to have a professional as accomplished and enthusiastic as Noelle Silver leading our Data Science and Analytics and Full-Stack Development teams. Her work will provide our university partners’ students with cutting-edge curriculum and technology in advanced, virtual environments.

To learn more about Noelle Silver, you may visit her LinkedIn here.


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