The Future of Professional Education

What Is the Future of Professional Education?

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Anyone is capable of life-changing, transformative learning.

Yes, there are barriers to learning that range from the personally uncontrollable (such as socio-economic disparity) to the intrinsic (such as motivation). It would be naive to equate the ability of humans to learn with the on-the-ground reality of the difficulty of changing their lives by learning.

That reality, however, does not change the fact that anyone is capable of it. This is the spark at the core of HackerU’s vision and mission: to create generational impact, transform lives, and ultimately to change the face of the global workforce through education. We’ve seen time and again that our learners (regardless of nationality, race, status, experience, employment history, or anything else) are capable of growth and change that they never thought possible.

But how does such life-changing learning happen? What combinations of factors make it possible? And how are people able to change their lives in such a short time?

In this blog, and its associated podcast, we’ll dig into that question. We’ll look at the intersection of theory and practice in education, talk to industry experts about their learning and how they built their expertise, speak with theorists and practitioners of adult accelerated learning, and go down the fascinating rabbit holes we’ll find in the field of adult education.

So come learn with us!


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