Helene Berkowitz

AI and Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Two phrases that have become major buzzwords in the technology world. Whereas AI and ML used to seem futuristic, like the stuff of movies, today, these technologies can be found in businesses as diverse as banking, advertising, and retail shopping. Banks like HSBC and The Commonwealth Bank of

Cyber Security: The Power of Passwords

It often starts with a roll of the eyes. “Didn’t I just change my password a week ago?” we wonder. It may feel as if we get reminders to change our online banking or social media account passwords every other day, but it’s not as often as you think. It’s Complicated Most people tend to

Top 7 Cyber Security Tips

How can small businesses, large enterprises, schools, and governments ensure that their Cyber Security policies are adequate? What can we all do to protect our data and our people from outside computer threats? Here are our Tips for Cyber Security: 1. Educate Staff on Cyber Security An organization’s employees are its first line of defense.

Malware Hits Cryptocurrency Mining Software

What do The City University of New York, The US Court System, The Queensland Government, The UK Financial Ombudsman Service, and The UK National Health Service all have in common? The websites of these institutions use the Browsealoud software service. Browsealoud is a popular tool for internet users with dyslexia and mild visual impairments, which

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